For more than two decades, the Arizona Commercial Brokers Association has been providing a platform for Phoenix industrial real estate brokers to share resources, opportunities and best practices that not only grow their own deal pipeline and expertise, but also advance the success of their clients and the Phoenix market at large.

This member-owned, member-directed organization is composed of brokers from independent, small- and mid-size Phoenix commercial real estate firms. These individuals actively invest in ACBA-member relationships that are founded on trust and respect, and focus on a common goal of serving clients to the highest degree.

Just some of the many benefits of ACBA membership include:
·    Monthly networking meetings with other local industrial broker specialists.    
·    Shared information on active tenants and investors in the marketplace.    
·    Shared industry and market information, such as rent, occupancy and investor trends.    
·    Opportunities for referrals and partnerships.    
·    Guest speakers and educational sessions.    
·    Venues to establish and build trustworthy industry relationships.    
·    Special annual events and celebrations.